đź‘‹ I'm Alfred Kang

I'm a student, self taught programmer in Singapore, passionate at creating fun games for people to enjoy, and applications from harnessing technology that can help make people's lives better.

Website tutorial video I followed:

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My Info

I am a 16 year old student, currently studying Computing+ at the School of Science and Technology, Singapore. I also have a passion in art and music, which are my hobbies in my free time. I also enjoy spending time in the Guitar Ensemble, where I learn and master some classical pieces with my fellow section peers.




2019 - 2022

Secondary School - School of Science and Technology

Where I took Computing+ to pursue my passion in programming, work on projects, and learnt Python

2020 - 2022

SST Inc - School of Science and Technology

Where I was given opportunities to work on projects that will benefit community with my peers

2013 - 2018

Primary School - Fenghan Primary School

Where I started my programming journey with a spark of interest, courses and Scratch...

2023 - ???

The Future - ???

Aspiring Software Developer


2021 - 2022

CCA Section Leader - School of Science and Technology

In upper secondary, I had the opportunity to take up the role of the section leader of prime guitar players. As the section leader, I led my section, teaching them on the parts we needed to play for upcoming performances and much more, such as attendance taking and accounting work.


Class Chairperson - School of Science and Technology

In Secondary 3, I was nominated as my class’s chairperson. Although it was a tough year due to restrictions from COVID-19, I managed to lead my class well and ensured that we all were bonded. Some responsibilities that I had included taking attendance and monitoring each other’s behavior.

My Portfolio/AchievementsProjects

Some projects and achievements I have accomplished



SYF 2021

Perse Coding


Vienna Virtuoso